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Dam Mountain, a Winter Wonderland

What a beautiful day it was! At the beginning of the year, I decided to snowshoe up to the top of Dam Mountain located in Vancouver’s the North Shore Mountains. I had just purchased a new wide angle lens and was anxious to try it out.

I started my hike from the top of Grouse Mountain which took me through Whistler Waterway, a beautiful stretch of the trail that unfortunately is a major avalanche zone. The trail winds to the left up switchbacks through the trees towards the peak of Dam Mountain. The first flat section I reached was Dam Mountain Plateau an area that offers decent views of the city. From there, it was about a ten-minute hike up to the peak.

On the way up, I came across a nice open clearing just below the peak that offered great views of Howe Sound and the mountains to the right of Dam. Here, I set up my tripod and was treated to a cloud inversion below.  I snapped some of my strongest images yet in landscape photography. I would have loved to taken some sunset photos that day but unfortunately, I needed to get back for an appointment.

From the top of Dam I decided to head towards Thunderbird Ridge and found a dead tree framed nicely among two Evergreens. I have been playing with different compositional angles and shot the tree while squatting in the snow. Dam Mountain is a fantastic snowshoe and only takes an hour and a half return depending on your fitness level.

Dammountainmonochrome2 (1 of 1)Dammountainmonochrome (1 of 1)DamMountain8-1