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Watersprite Lake

Wow! What a spectacular place. It was my first time doing this hike and did it as an overnight where there were seven in my group.

I had only found out about this area recently through seeing photographs on Facebook and wanted to find out more about it. Watersprite Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park is surrounded by peaks namely Martin and Watersprite Peaks. It is not a difficult hike if you are doing it as a day hike but carrying heavy backpacks certainly slows a person down.

The first part of the hike is flat before we started doing a gradual incline of a series of wide open switchbacks where we were treated to amazing views of the surrounding mountains in Garibaldi Provincial Park. The trail is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the British Columbia Mountaineering Club building a new trail up to the Lake that is less muddy than the original.

The weather on Saturday was perfect for hike and we crossed at least 10+ creeks which fortunately were narrow. We crossed a short but not too difficult boulder field before we entered into a forest that had some steep and slippery sections. The final push to the top was difficult for me because my pack was too heavy and by the time we had reached the final boulder field  my energy had left and I was not sure if I could make it.  I kept hearing from other hikers that we were close and somehow got the second wind to continue.

Finally, we reached the top and at first.. I was a bit disappointed as I was expecting something a bit more spectacular. The top is basically a boulder field with the Lake in the middle and the mountains surrounding it. After a bit I warmed up to the place and thought to myself… it really is a special place. Martin Peaks (named after Martin Guitars) sits prominently over the lake  It took us awhile to find a place to set up camp as there are very few flat spots but we each found our spots. The plan was to explore for a bit but we were so cold that we just set up our tents and stayed inside.

There was a fair amount of snow up there and it was quite cold and windy. We all spent a sleepness night listening to the wind howling heavily through the trees and huddled in our sleeping bags. We left after 9 the next morning as it had been snowing all night and  it was raining moderately the entire way down the trail. We finished the trail wet but happy campers and headed back to Vancouver.

Watersprite is a great hike but I don’t think I will be winter camping for a very long time.. but I look forward to camping there next summer. If you love Landscape Photography it is spectacular place to photograph.

watersprite2-1-of-1watersprite3-1-of-1watersprite5-1-of-1The BCMC is in the process of building a cabin at the Lake where people can rent sleeping spaces in addition to camping outside. More information on the hike can be found on their website and soon we should be able to book camping spots through them. There is a chance in the future that BC Parks will take it over.