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Flatiron, No It`s Not What You Are Thinking

There are some really interesting names of mountains in British Columbia. Unnecessary Mountain, Dog Mountain, Ambition Mountain but the one I`m writing about today is called Flatiron named for its wide and flat top. Located in the Coquihalla Range of British Columbia just north of Hope and East of Chilliwack BC.

Last week, I led a group of eager hikers up to this Peak and the lake located at its base. The trail starts just off of the Coquihalla Highway off of exit 217 (which is very hard to find, I might add as it is on the opposite side of the road from the direction we were travelling in)

The trail is the same one which leads up to Needle Peak  a steeper and much harder climb and scramble. The first section of the hike is the toughest as one starts to climb steeply rather quickly for about 45 minutes to the first lookout point which offers stellar views of the mountains on the other side of the highway. At this time of the year the Wild Blue Berries are plentiful but try not to be tempted to pick them as the bears need them.

We continued along the trail which flattened out quite a bit and  we were treated with more amazing views of the surrounding mountains and the valley below. My group stopped a few times to take pictures but we did not stay long in each spot because the weather was cool and we could feel the wind start to pick up as we got closer to Flatiron.

We encountered several backpackers and day hikers on our way up which showed us how popular the trail was. Finally we reached our first destination which was the lake where we had lunch and I had time to set up my tripod and take photos. We found a large rock at the side of the lake to rest  and had just sat down only to watch a tent fly into the middle of the lake. The owner had to strip down to his shorts and jump into the cold lake to swim after it. One hiker from my group helped him pull it out. After our lunch we decided to head to the top of Flatiron which only took about 20 minutes or so of careful climbing up the boulders to the top.   We would have loved to spent a lot of time on top of the mountain but it was so  windy that we only had time to take a few quick pictures and walk around for a bit until we decided to try and a make a quick descent down the mountain.

Flatiron is an exceptional mountain to hike especially in good weather. This was my second time doing it and it won`t be my last. It is an intermediate hike but one still should be fit enough to climb it because the first part will kick your butt.

Distance: 11 km return and about 5 hours return. Some sites list it as difficult but it is not. This is one mountain that I would love to do as an overnight.Flatironvalley (1 of 1)Flatironmountain (1 of 1)Yakpeak (1 of 1)Flatironlakeview (1 of 1)Needlepeaktrail (1 of 1)