Alice Lake Provincial Park

It has been too long since my last post but during that time I have done so many great hikes. Marriott Basin, Mackay Trail Grouse Mountain and this past Saturday I took a group of people to Alice Lake Provincial Park for the first time. This was more like a walk in the park (no pun intended) as it is fairly compared to what I usually do.

Alice Lake is situated just outside of Squamish BC and is a picturesque campground which has four lakes that one can walk/hike too. The main trail through the park is called you guessed it.. The Four Lakes Trail. There were twelve of us in my group and we met at the main parking lot and quickly found the trail which goes around Alice Lake. We walked through lush green forest and had a bit of an uphill climb of about 100 metres or so before we came to a relatively flat section which took us to Edith Lake where we stopped to take a few photos of wildflowers and watched people fishing.

Next we followed the trail to Fawn Lake where we had a longer break in order to grab a snack and take photos. All of the lakes in the provincial are relatively small but are perfect if you want to get away from the crowds in the campground. Before reaching our final lake we came across this amazing creek where when you looked to South East we had an amazing view of Mount Garibaldi overlooking the park. I managed to take a few photos of the mountain and some of my fellow hikers.

We  finished off our walk in Alice hanging out at the Beach while a few of us went in for a quick dip before we headed over to Murrin Provincial Park for another short hike. (More on this one in another blog)

Alice Lake is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon and it also looks like a great place to go camping if you are looking for a public campground. It is very close to Squamish so that if you wanted to go into town for a meal you could. I highly recommend visiting this Lake.mushroom1 (1 of 1)FawnLake (1 of 1)Alicelak2 (1 of 1)Alicelak1 (1 of 1)


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