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Dog Mountain, Vancouver`s hidden treasure

One of the huge draws of Vancouver are the towering North Shore Mountains that overlook the city from North and West Vancouver. The three well known mountains are Grouse, Seymour and the mountains that make up the Cypress Mountain Ski Resort area with their snowcapped peaks and exceptional hiking trails. One little known mountain that is almost overlooked unless you are a local, is Dog Mountain one of peaks on Mount Seymour.

A few weeks back I took a group of hikers to the top of Dog Mountain to watch the sunset. When we started the hike, it was was quite cloudy and foggy but we could see the sun starting to peak through the clouds. At first, I was a bit worried that we would not see the sunset but when we arrived at our destination at the top of the mountain the clouds began to part a bit and we were treated to this nice glow of color above the clouds.

It was also the night of the full moon which brought out a number of other photographers, people camping over night and day hikers. This is what we were treated to.Sunsetdogmount20163 (1 of 1)Sunsetdogmountain2016 (1 of 1)Sunsetdogmountain20162 (1 of 1)