The Road Less Travelled… Mount Baldy Road

Wow!! What a stunning drive to do especially in Winter. On Christmas morning after travelling 7 hours by Greyhound over night I had the please of being picked up by my brother and travelling along the back road of Mount Baldy Road. It was so beautiful and crisp with freshly fallen snow. The trees were covered in white and looked almost ghost like and there was a mix of sun and cloud.

Mount Baldy Road 20153 (1 of 1)

Mount Baldy Road starts in the little town of Oliver BC and travels over towards Bridesville BC. My brother and sister in -law live on the Bridesville side of the road. My brother Rick has been very supportive of my budding photography career and offered to stop the car at whatever point I wanted just so I could get out and take pictures.

Mount Baldy Road 20157 (1 of 1)

Winter Time Is Here

Mount Baldy Road is named after Mount Baldy, a small local ski hill nested in the South Central Interior of BC. The ski hill itself has fallen on hard times financially and sadly is not open for this years ski season. Hopefully that will be resolved because it is a great mountain to ski!.

The road winds through an Indian Reserve where there are farms and you see all types of wildlife.



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